Friday, July 23, 2010

A Benefit of Trichotillomania

Sometimes we get lost in the negatives of hair pulling—the anxiety, the physical effects, the stigma of having a "disorder." But today I discovered a benefit that has come out of my years with trichotillomania.

I'm SO good with a tweezers. Like, for serious.

My friend and coworker came over to me this afternoon and said, "Do you have nails?"

"Do I have nails?" I repeated stupidly.

"Yeah, I have a splinter and my nails aren't long enough to pull it out," she explained.

Aha! thought I. I can do better than that! "It'd be better to use a tweezers," I responded triumphantly, "which I also have!"

She shut her eyes, muttering, "I can't look." In a single tweeze, I pulled out the splinter and saved the day. "That didn't even hurt!" she exclaimed.

"I'm good with a tweezers," I replied smugly. "You don't even KNOW."

Although she probably did know, because she knows about my hair pulling, but that's beside the point.

There aren't too many occasions where I can say this, but.... Trichotillomania to the rescue!!

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Tricha said...

This is an interesting post... I'm a Tricha, but I pull out hairs from the top of my head not from my eyelashes and brows. I don't have this benefit- I don't use tweezers to pull out my hair, just my hands. I'm glad you could find something positive... I can't.

Danielle Skye said...

I like your perspective!! :-) As a fellow trich sufferer, I also find it's healthy to laugh about it sometimes... instead of constantly feeling frustrated and down about the fight. Excellent tweezer skills could go on my resume.

Paul Hughes said...

A nice post! Thanks.

I've only just discovered this blog. Rather late.

I liked your post because when you can laugh about something which is generally seen as negative its power begins to lessen.

Best wishes



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