Sunday, August 12, 2012

Olivia Munn is a Trichster

Olivia Munn (photo by Misha Erwitt for NY Daily News)
I'm a little slow on the uptake here, but a few weeks ago, actress Olivia Munn "came out" as having trichotillomania. She didn't arrange a press conference or anything, but she happened to mention it in an interview with the New York Daily News.

Her exact quote:
“I don’t bite my nails, but I rip out my eyelashes. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s really annoying. Every time I run out of the house, I have to stop and pick up a whole set of fake eyelashes.” 
- Olivia Munn, interview with the NY Daily News
For a couple of days, the story was on all the news websites and celebrity gossip sites. If you Google Olivia Munn right now, 2 weeks after the original article, there are still a couple of sites mentioning it on the first page of search results.

And what was the internet's reaction to this breaking news?

A great big "Meh."

Which I think is a good thing!

Really, no one said "OMG So nasty!" or "Whoever has that disorder should be rounded up and shot!" A lot of people commented on the sites that they, too, have the disorder and were glad a celebrity felt like she could talk openly about something that is normally hidden.

Only one site was even borderline offensive about it, and that was Celebitchy's article Olivia Munn Suffers from Trichotillomania. The worst part was this quote:
"She’s also a plucker. But in the grossest, most neurotic way ever. Olivia has just admitted that she suffers from Trichotillomania – compulsive eyelash-pulling."
Which didn't even bother me that much. Because honestly, what do you expect from a name like "Celebitchy?"

Another good thing about it was that the Huffington Post was inspired by this bit of "news" to write an informational article on trichotillomania: Trichotillomania: What Is The Disorder That Makes Olivia Munn Rip Out Her Eyelashes?

So, like many people with trichotillomania, Olivia Munn probably won't lose many friends or fans over this admission. Personally, I've never lost any friends after admitting to them that I pull out my eyelashes. Hopefully not many of you have, either.

If you liked her before, you probably still like her. If you didn't like her before, then it doesn't really matter, does it?


WanderingSophie said...
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WanderingSophie said...

I'm glad this disorder is finally coming to light. Too many people suffer from a young age in obscurity and confusion. Hopefully more people will 'come out' with this disease and the psychology community can start working on real solutions for sufferers. Kudos to Olivia Munn!

Annette Pasternak said...

I'm slower! I didn't hear about this at all until now. Good for her for speaking out. I love your blog - very funny and well-written. I wish you would post more! I will probably have to copy you and blog about her now too. ;-)

I run a holistic coaching practice via skype to help women stop hair pulling. It's relatively new - so far I have had success helping women with related behaviors like skin picking and lip chewing, and I'm confident that my program will work for hair pulling too. Take a look.

Total support,

Annelise @ Aunie Sauce said...

I had a bunch of people email me (I'm a blogger & open about my trich) and tell me about this. I think it's really cool how open she was, and it gives me confidence to continue blogging about it. Like you, I've never had anyone turn their backs on me because of it. Being open helps make me stronger!

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since you posted so I'm not even sure if this blog is still active. Anyway, I am a trichster (according to my mum since the age of about 2 - I'm 27 now)1. Mostly scalp, but also eyelashes. Used to be eyebrows as well but now they are a thing of the past (I got them cosmetically tattoed in).

So, I have just read through all of your posts (in reverse order) and was wondering...have you ever tried false eyelashes as a way to stop pulling? The only reason I ask is that is what I use to stop me pulling my eyelashes. I HEAVILY coat my lashes with mascara, then apply strip lashes, and don't remove them until just before bed. The days I don't wear them I'm ok UNLESS I have no mascara on. I wear waterproof as it isn't easy to pick off and leave my lashes naked. I've been doing this since I was around 21.

As for my head hair, that is another matter. Like you the times it affects me most happen to be at work. I have a target area (left, bottom, back). I have tried all sorts to stop and only a few things work (when I'm around my two year old daughter as I'm generally rolling around the floor with her; when I'm playing with my phone / iPad; when both hands are otherwise occupied with things like baking etc). My daughter and I are living with my mum for the time being which isn't helping with stress levels (AND she makes jibes whenever I am usig my phon or iPad clearly not realising the sigificance). My latest attempt was to get microring hair extensions fitted (I wanted lovely long glamorous hair anyway) but all that has done is give me more hair to fuss with (not pull out, but snap off the bumpy ones).

Anyway, slight "about me" tangent there, but just wanted to ask about strip lashes and if it is something you have played with / considered.

Feel free to get me at xx

Sarah Miller said...

I've been a puller for about six years, starting back when I began law school (it wasn't worth it, in hindsight; nobody cares much for a bald lawyer), but I digress. There's a great article on multifaceted approaches to treating Trich and stress that helped me a lot. Maybe it can help someone else, too.

Debra said...

Its incredible how many people out there, celebs and even people close to you, have trich. The ability of people to hide it amazes me everytime. And also the courage that people have to "come out" with this.

Abhishek Anshu said...

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