Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Eyelashes: A Coloring Book

Sometimes, when I'm putting eyeliner on to cover my patchy, sparse eyelashes, I feel like a kid with a coloring book. I'm coloring in the lines. Or playing connect-the-dots. Or doing a fill-in-the-blanks worksheet.


Viki said...

Are those your actual eyelashes in the picture? They look good for a trichster. Mine are pretty bad right now. Nursing school is stressful, and I'm pretty sure stress is exacerbating my urge to pull. My poor lashline is very patchy right now. Thank all the powers that be for eyeliner. And mascara, for although it can't create lashes where there aren't any, it can make the short, stubby, sparse ones brown like the eyeliner, so they don't stand out and look obviously plucked.

Lashes said...

No, alas, those are not my actual eyelashes. I would love it if they were. Just a Google image search for eyeliner.


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