Friday, January 2, 2009

Post-holiday pulling

The holidays have come and gone since my last post, and coming back to work today has given me a new Trichy topic to discuss. I've been good without even trying throughout the entire holiday. I haven't had the urge to pull, either eyelashes or eyebrows (not in a pulling spree situation, anyway) throughout my vacation; in fact, I hadn't thought about my trichotillomania once until my friends commented on New Year's Eve how great my eyelashes look. Yet I've been at work barely a half hour when I immediately start compulsively pulling my eyebrows.

I've discussed on this blog before that reading, typing, editing, any task in which my mind is active but my body is sedentary triggers my trichotillomania, and I'm sure that's why I've started again. What surprised me was the immediacy of the change in my behavior. It's as though my trichotillomania was on a holiday schedule along with the rest of the world, and now it's back to business as usual.


Penny said...

My trichotillomania was on holiday too when I went to the Caribbean, and I am feeling it since I got back. Crazy that it can just go away with us barely even noticing, then come back again whenever it wants!

Becca6296 said...

For me it seems to have a cycle, once I feel that weird itch almost like a mini sty feeling in my lid and the first bald patch appears I get anxiety and try to stop it ... It has always accompanied stress, financial as an adult and exams at prep school.
I inherited this from my late mother. I started at 11, 'adolescence' is a typical age of onset. Higher dosages of an ssri did not help. Luvox made me puke. I can only GROW when I am at peace either consistently feeling loved,with fiance, friends, family
AGGGH}{ and meeting my financial obligations ions. I have only once in my life stopped at one lid. Yes the ol' lighter exploded story came in handy there...Nevermind the 'froggy nickname in 7th grade from a boy I had a crush on. And the endless PINK FLoyd the wall references. Not having grown up with a mother I did not get eyeliner until I was in school for easthetics. Yes what else? A certified professional hair remover and skin picker is there anything more glorious?
I work at a normal job that was hard re: benefits and consistent income.
I was wanting to write about this on my blog but I do not want to scare people away. I have a lot say on this subject however. I am very happy to have put down my tweezers to read this. ;-)
May I add you to my list of links?

Lashes said...

Of course you may add this to your links. I'm sorry to hear that you were teased so much about the pulling. I've been lucky enough to avoid teasing, mostly because I was past the age of teasing when the physical effects became noticeable. I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to write about it now!


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