Monday, February 23, 2009

Having Serious Body Issues Today

Part of my trichotillomania is an obsession with having everything look and feel "right." The poor tiny eyelashes and eyebrows that are just trying to grow back in again are subject to my wrath, because they don't feel "right." You can see how this turns into a vicious cycle.

Like many trichsters, this compulsion for everything to feel right is not limited to hair. Many people with trichotillomania are also skin-pickers. I am one of them. I'm not as bad as some, who constantly make themselves bleed, but I'll pick at skin that has any sort of irregularity: pimples, scabs, dry skin, even just little bumps on my skin that aren't any of the above. Additionally, if I break or chip a nail, I have to stop everything and fix it, or I can't concentrate on what I was doing before. Today's been a bad day for epidermis issues. I'm having a lot of trouble concentrating at work because of them. I need a Pop-tart.


Beth said...

Hi.. just came across your blog in the endless google search for trich information. I found it so comforting to read! Although I'm a scalp girl, I'm also 22 and dealing, I expect, with many of the same issues. Most of my friends know and tell me to stop pulling. I'm only just starting my discovery of what makes me pull, but reading, inactivity and stress all seem key (writing my dissertation could not have happened without it). So I just wanted to say keep up the blog! I am on day 1 of my pullfreeathon, potentially day 2 but I really can't remember entirely yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I want to come in contact with you.
I have the same problems, but living in a land where it's very hard to come in contact with people that have the same problem.

How do I do?


vanessa said...

I am a puller/skin picker too. I just started blogging about it too.

I also like puns. :)

I hope you're ok.

Anonymous said...

erm hi am 14 and i have just started to notice that i obsese a little to much abot my skin i have this scabs on my legs for ages when i have had nat bites and i refuse to let them heal i pick at them all the time alls so like the other girl said if there ia a lump or pimple i have to pick at it this is a specly on my arme and i also pluck ingrow hair

is this a mild case of trichotillomania please help????

Lashes said...

To Anonymous: Compulsive skin picking is actually called Dermatillomania. A lot of people have both, because both are an uncontrollable urge to pick at something - whether it's skin or hair.

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm 13, and I'm a hair-puller


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