Monday, September 28, 2009

Trichotillomania and Latisse

Trichotillomania and LatisseIn hearing so much about Latisse, the treatment to make eyelashes grow thicker and longer, it's only natural that the trichotillomania community was thrilled about the possibility but still anxious about its effectiveness in relation to trichotillomania. I've been waiting to see if some other trichsters would be the guinea pigs and try it first, so we could all see the results.

I'm a member of the Daily Strength, Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling) Support Group and get a daily email with members' forum postings and journal entries. Today in that email was finally a guinea pig! And with positive results! Now, of course that doesn't mean you should all rush to buy it, but it's encouraging to see that it's worked for at least one of our fellow trichsters:

Successful results at 14 weeks with Latisse

(FYI, the photos she is talking about are on her profile page. Click on Photos.)

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Stiletto said...


I actually heard that Lilash is pretty good, I ordered a tube for myself, i'll let you know how it goes.

Funny thing is I only pull my lashes from my left eye, i'm never tempted to pull from my right.

And I pull with my left hand! Strange?

JenniferP said...

I often pull with my left hand, from my left eye, because I am right-handed and my right hand is usually busy. My left eye lid and left brow are always more sparse then my right. I do pull with my right hand from the right side, though, too.... Boo!

Julia said...

Thank you so much for this blog! I pull as well and it's comforting to me to know that there are a lot of us out there. Thanks again!

Trichster said...

It's rewarding to know I could help even in the slightest :) Thank you for reading my blog :)

Anonymous said...

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