Monday, October 27, 2008

Birthdays and Pullfreeathons

Today is a very special day. It commemorates two anniversaries. The first is the day of my birth. I have been on this Earth for 22 years today. The other anniversary (the more relevant one to this blog) is that today is 10 days since the day I began my "pullfreeathon." This is a term used on the UK site, Trichotillomania Online (on my Trich-ed Out Links list, right sidebar) to indicate a pledge that trichsters can take to NOT pull. It's not a competition against anyone else, only against yourself and your compulsion to pull. You post on the forum to tell people that you are beginning a pullfreeathon, and the other members of the forum come out to support you!

I've found it very helpful. It helps me combat the urge to pull because I know other people (who understand what I'm going through) are cheering me on and keeping me honest. I also feel I have more of a duty to myself because I have a specific reason not to pull. Not just because I know it's not good for me, but because I want to increase the number of days that I can say I've been pull-free. I recommend pullfreeathons to all fellow trichsters.


mspennylane said...

Wow well done! Happy birthday and I hope your pullfreeathon is still going! I think I should really do one. I think I keep putting it off, as if I haven't got the time or other stupid excuses!

Kayloni said...

I just realized something when I read this post. I'm scared to take a pledge like that. I'm scared to tell other people that I am going to stop pulling in fear that I will let them down, and I am even scared to try to stop. The anxiety seems to build when I can't pull. Whatever will I do when I get stressed?! I suppose I could keep some food around and replace pulling with eating. Then when I start to put on weight I can replace eating with working out.... hm.


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